Tips For Making Your Wedding Photo Shoot Stands Out

“How do I stand out from the crowd?”

"How do I stand out from the crowd?"

Every wedding photographer wants to go the extra mile, to ensure that their photography offers unique and special imagery for the couples they photograph. To this end, one of the most common questions posed by clients is, “How do I stand out from the crowd?”

One important tip for achieving this is to offer some form of personalisation. This is an essential ingredient for a wedding day that will leave you feeling happy, proud and satisfied.

There are three main options for personalization

There are three main options for personalization

These are taking photographs on the ground using your camera, sitting in your studio, or shooting a professional Squirt Cam to get you exactly where you want to be. As with all photographers, the best way to decide what method to use is to consider what is going to be included in the wedding.

The Squirt Cam method is a simple concept. You take photos at a seated position while your client is comfortable and happy with you and the model, with the view of the subject angled upwards, providing a stunning shot of their body.

If the person is using an umbrella as a backdrop, this is no problem as you will be able to use this as a model instead of the actual umbrella. However, if they are using a different type of furniture or structure, such as a tent, it is necessary to use it in order to achieve the shot you need.

The second option is to shoot a Squirt Cam from your studio. This is far more expensive than standing photographs, but it can be great fun and you will be happy you did it. However, you should bear in mind that this takes time and energy and can only be done once you have established a relationship with the subject.

You will be able to buy yourself a Canon Squirt Camera for around $100 but if you need to build a relationship first, then go for this option. Squirt Cameras is more advanced than their cameras, which is why many people will opt for the Canon instead.

The third option is to take shots from the photographer’s studio. The downside to this is that you will not be allowed to take photos on the location. If the client is already comfortable and happy with you and your equipment, then this might be a good choice, but you might want to consider the added costs involved in this method as it will be more expensive than the others.

How to make the model stand out?

How to make the model stand out?

It is important to establish a rapport with the subject before you begin taking pictures. For instance, if they are wearing sunglasses then talk to them about them first, so they are sure to want to take your picture using their glasses instead of covering them up.

In addition, if they are wearing hats then ensure you have added some extra twinkle to the lenses, so that your clients can enjoy the natural light during the day and really enjoy the wedding photo. Also, take pictures of their hair in different styles, even if they are wearing a hat and just holding their hair in place.

You will also want to communicate with your client before you take a shot. Not only should you be clear about what is going to be done in the shot, but you should also mention where the shot is to be taken, or if you are taking multiple shots, how many you plan to take.

The third and final tip for making your shot stand out is to ask the model to change their position, especially if it is over a green screen or white background. Try to shoot their head or shoulders or sides and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect angle to take the shot.