The Hidden Benefits Of Credit Card

Today, a large part of the population has a credit card mainly to be able to make their purchases and have a longer term to pay. But did you know that there are hidden benefits that many people have no idea there are?

Hidden Credit Card Benefits

Hidden Credit Card Benefits

In fact, why are they called hidden benefits? Because they are simply not disclosed and not everyone has access. But if you contact your credit card company, you may have the information. Still, we decided to separate here some of these so-called hidden benefits?

1. Travel Assistance

In this case, users who travel at least 100km from their home have emergency assistance. For example, they help you find lost luggage as well as help you find hotels at cheaper prices.

2. Fraud Coverage

Fraud Coverage

You probably know or even know someone who has received an invoice with purchases you have not made, just tell the administrator that there will be a chargeback. This is very common when you get lost if your credit card is stolen or cloned. So now you know that you will not have to pay for transactions you have not made.

3. Extended Warranties

Very often when we are going to buy some appliances or electronics, the seller proposes to contract an extended warranty, which is where you pay extra to get a warranty beyond that of the manufacturer.

Please be aware that some cards offer this warranty and depending on the situation even return your money or exchange the product for a new one.

4. No charge for card usage abroad

When traveling abroad and using a credit card, a fee is charged for each transaction, about 6%.

But some cards like you from this fee, which is a great way to save money during your trip.

5. Free travel insurance

No one is safe from a problem during a trip, such as a flight delay or even cancellation. In these cases, some administrators offer free travel insurance, where you will be reimbursed if this happens.

Suddenly you had to cancel your trip because you got sick or because someone in your family died. Here too you will get the refund.

6. Rental Cars

car loan

If you often rent cars, you know that there are some rules to follow, such as mileage and full tank delivery.

But depending on your card, you will not have to pay the cost of this type of rental either in full or through discounts.

In addition, others offer exemption from payment for insurance, either for damage to vehicles or passengers.

7. Cash withdrawal at ATMs

Although the card is credit, some offer the option of cash withdrawal, where the amount will come on your bill.

Suddenly this is very worthwhile in case of an emergency and you can immediately avail the value.

8. Vehicle Assistance

If your credit card offers you mechanical breakdown or redemption assistance, in case something happens on the road, for example, you are entitled to a trailer and transportation to your destination.

If this happens, simply contact the card that they will send a trailer and a car for the commute.

9. Refund for price difference

Have you ever made a purchase and the product was offered for sale at a cheaper price?

So be aware that you can claim compensation for the difference, even if a lower value is found between 30 and 60 days.

10. Loss of Documents

credit Documents

If you lose your documents while traveling abroad, the first thing to do is to report to the Embassy or Consulate.

But some cards provide 24-hour telephone assistance and others 24-hour travel assistance. Services vary by card.

11. Theft Abroad

If you are stolen abroad and your card is used by third parties for purchases, some cards offer purchase protection.

And others, in case you get robbed during or after leaving the ATM, simply contact the card administrator who will be refunded the amount.

12. Health Emergency

Health Emergency

Some travel insurance when hired via credit card, provides health coverage to the holder, spouse and children up to 23 years old.

13. Card blocked or lost

In case your card is blocked or lost, some offer the option to send a new one to the address entered by the cardholder. Even though it may take a few days, it’s worth it.

Why it is important to know the hidden benefits of card

credit benefits

Having a credit card can bring you many benefits as long as you know how to use it responsibly. That’s why it’s important to pay the bill on time and only make purchases within your budget. But what about the hidden benefits? product discounts, and other things. So if you already have a credit card or want to have one, ask all your rights and especially what these hidden benefits are, as depending on the situation could be of great help, especially when traveling.

You realize that there are many hidden benefits, but most people do not know. You may suddenly be paying a fee for these services, but you don’t use them because you are unaware that they exist. That’s why it is worthwhile to read the contract carefully and seek information from the card company. Just remember that most of the time, you are entitled to these benefits as long as you use your credit card for hiring services. And never forget to keep all vouchers and notes for easy repayment.